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Asian Brides

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Find out what makes Asian women the best brides.

Dark shiny hair, bright eyes, slim fit, and attractive figures—these are just some of the physical features stereotypes for many Asian women. Fair enough, when you visit the continent, you will see that a vast majority of Asian singles has exotic, irresistible beauties that charm men even from the far West. However, it takes more than pretty looks to succeed in a relationship. There has to be a depth in character, connection, and commitment for the couples, as of course, they will not only be staring at each other all throughout.

Asian women have what it takes to stand out from any other women in the universe. Not only do they have world-renowned beauties, their character also shines. Unlike Western perspective on dating, their culture and traditions have shaped their values in dating and creating relationships with long-term goals in mind. While dating is generally a trial-and-error phase, to them, the ultimate goal in getting into one is to find the right person to tie the knot with.

Asian culture has molded the majority of Asian women principles in dating and marriage. Their viewpoint to such matters is of high regard which is why for most of them, loyalty is one of their great assets. Once they find their perfect match, they are willing to commit to the relationship.

One of their wedding traditions and customs, especially in building their own own family is putting marriage and family over career. This, in turn, makes balancing personal lives a huge toll for high-powered women. This has resulted in an increasing number of successful Asian women preferring Western partners given the fact that they’re more culturally tolerant for wives to be career women.

If you’re looking forward to settling down, Asia is the best place to find your match. A tour around the continent may just be the perfect thing to do. Not only will you be able to see its fascinating diversity, you will also get to meet a lot of Asian women who might just hold the keys to your heart. Read on to know what gives Asian singles a head start in the world of dating.

Qualities that Make Asian Women More Preferable for Marriage

Asian ladies are more than what meets the eye. Their culture and traditions have shaped their lifestyles, personalities, principles, and values in life. Besides their enthralling, diverse features, they are generally known to be the most loving, caring, and faithful brides. Here are what makes them unique:

  • Sophisticated Asian cuisine
  • Westerners have yet to know the delicacies that make up Asia. In fact, dim sum and many other daily Asian home-cooked foods are on the rise among other parts of the world. Asian singles understand that healthy food choices equate to having a healthy mind and body. As such, they observe proper food choice as well as eating manners. On the other hand, these ladies can also impress you with their cooking! Almost every Asian household consists of women who love to cook for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Natural love for kids
  • In Asia, kids are real bundles of joy not only to their families but also for Asian ladies who happen to meet them on the way. It’s not surprising to see them stopping by to laugh, smile, or play with the little ones even when they recognize the kid or not. How they act with little kids is surely an amusing sight to behold! Imagine how nice it is to be with a loving wife who plays and cares for her child with all her heart.

  • Diverse and exotic beauties
  • Asia hides a lot of young and pretty singles. Their natural beauty all the more shines through their regular skincare routines and training. They care so much about maintaining their beauty and youthfulness, hence they opt for healthy choices. An Asian woman will apply this quality not only to herself but to her future family as well.

Asian Brides versus Western Brides

While Asian and Western ladies have their own kind of beauty to brag about, the life values they uphold differ a hug deal. While the Western world is built on the concept of extroversion and liberation, Asians are more drawn to introversion and being reserved. Western women are very ambitious, sociable, and independent. Most of them do not rush to get married while some even wonder why they should marry in the first place.

Unlike their Western counterparts, Asians are mostly shy, modest, and respectful, especially to their parents. They are practical individuals who seek for life’s purpose and stability rather than a gamedate which is why they are likely eager to marry at an early age. These are just some of the reasons that compel Western men to look for their brides among Asian women.

Different Asian Wedding Traditions

As a massive continent, Asia is also a home to different kinds of religion. Most common of which are Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, and Christianity. Their common wedding traditions are based on the religions they are affiliated with. Most Asian countries prefer spouses who have the same beliefs and religion.

In India, weddings can take anywhere from five minutes to several days with colorful themes and the bride wearing red. It is considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the date of their wedding.

Just as India, China also believes that red is a lucky color for brides to wear while the groom traditionally wears a black silk coat over a robe embroidered with dragon. The bride’s price depends on the groom’s economic status which may come as jewelry, money, or roast pig. Loud firecrackers are to be expected on the wedding as they’re believed to scare off evil spirits.

On the other hand, Japan has two types of wedding which is based on the method of finding a partner. Miai is for when the couples met through arranged introductions and ren’ai for when they met and decided to marry on their own. Traditionally, they wear elaborately embroidered silk kimono covered in purple iris flowers as in Japan, purple is the color of love.

In the Philippines, the wedding ceremony proper includes a celebration of an hour-long mass or religious service. The bride usually wears white gown and veil while the groom is traditionally clothed in Barong Tagalog which is their national traditional male costume.

Dating beautiful Asian women is truly something worth considering. Your chance to marry one someday is just within your fingertips. Sign up now!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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