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Asia has a lot of tourist attractions that will surely make your traveling expenses worthwhile!

Asia is a tapestry of cultures, colors, and beauty. A myriad of gawk-worthy destinations hides in the vastness of the continent. Adventures are ripe for the picking at every corner. For first-time tourists, exploring this massively diverse region can get overwhelming, especially to those who haven’t made up their mind yet for their travel itinerary. Some tourist attractions in Southeast Asia are perfect places to visit even with less preparation while others require more preparatory measures.

What type of traveler do you fall? Make sure to first ascertain your goals so you can make the best in every moment. If you are the photographer type, search for every country’s best seasons to get panoramic, Instagram-worthy photos. For the tech-savvy, don’t forget to pack your new tech gears in the baggage. Perhaps your goal is to make it out on a holiday, the secret is to come at the perfect season and unwind all you can. Should your goal be to travel as backpackers or be an adventure traveler, brace yourself for an independent low-budget trip.

Whether you belong to any of the abovementioned traveler categories, or you’re aiming for other than those, an Asia travel guide can walk you through a well-planned travel itinerary for a smooth-sailing trip. Here are some tips to guide you through a safe and capitalized travel that makes up your money’s worth:

Pick a few countries or cities and stick to them.

Yes, it’s tempting to visit many countries and cities if you’re thinking of experiencing the fullness of Asia. However, slowing down and digging into the cultures and traditions of a single country or just a handful of places makes your travel more worthwhile. Neighboring countries in Southeast Asia—such as Bali, Indonesia, and Vietnam—are even 7-hour flight away from each other! Think of all the exhaustion you get by hopping to what amounts to an enormous territory. Of course, your time and comfort matters.

Check visa requirements and be prepared.

Several Southeast Asian countries require that your passport has at least six months’ worth of validity left or a specific number of empty pages—and requirements seem to be constantly changing. Should you end up in countries that need a visa upon arrival, be prepared with US dollars and small photos of yourself. Some airport’s money exchange services may come at terrible prices but these are hassles you can easily avoid by making sure that you constantly bring required items from home.

Pack light and right.

Especially for a backpacker, you can do your laundry wherever you go rather than trekking around with an overweight backpack full of moist, dirty clothes. In most Asian countries, you can find laundromats that offer washing, drying, and ironing services within 24 hours for the equivalent of a couple of dollars. Street markets also offer inexpensive clothes and toiletries you may need along the way.

Safeguard your health.

Before traveling to any country, you will need to search for their vaccine requirements and recommendations and get a shot of those. If you’re worried about the budget, you can also opt for vaccinations right within the country as they’re cheaper in local health centers. Tetanus and rabies shots are a good as it is likely that you’ll come into contact with rusty objects or stray dogs.

Along with your travel itinerary, keep the abovementioned tips in mind. Overall, it helps to get travel insurance and being a responsible and ethical tourist in Asia.

Places to Visit

Now, it’s time for the travel itinerary itself. Here are top places to visit in Southeast Asia and other Asian countries to get you inspired in starting your adventure:

Hong Kong

From awe-inspiring modern skyline to exciting urban attractions, this country is the most popular destinations for first-time international travelers. Arranging your trips is easier here as many travel information is available online. Enjoy the luxury of traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, and more.


Vietnam recently changed its visa rules, and now citizens from several European countries no longer need a visa to enter. This makes it easier for Western travelers, especially those from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Good news for holidaymakers as they will be permitted entry up to 15 days without having to acquire some documents! Make sure you come at Hanoi, Vietnam’s stuck-in-the-past capital city from its French colonial history, or drop by caves, undergrounds, and other natural marvels.


This country gets plenty of attention by its surprisingly massive number of attractions, including verdant parks, luxurious hotels, deliciously cheap eats. Historical structures, world-class zoos, and more. Explore Singaporean culture, delicacies, and people. Not only does it offer historical sites or wildlife spectacle, but it also has shopping precincts where you can shop till you drop.


If you’re planning to skip the Philippines entirely, then you’re missing out on a lot! The country is home to some of the best beaches in Asia. It’s not just the beach; it’s also the people. Most Filipinos can understand English and are generally friendly which makes traveling more fun in the Philippines!

These and more! Indulge yourself to Asia’s charm and enjoy as much as you can. Dare to delve deeper in every place. Travel to Asia now meet Asian women. Taste life to the fullest!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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